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Tooth Crown Procedure

If your child has a tooth that gets knocked out, call for an emergency dental appointment right away. Because the teeth and roots both move slowly, it can take several months for the entire process of straightening your teeth to be completed. Some patients choose to whiten their teeth using an over-the-counter bleaching agent rather than coming into our dental office. If you have a silver filling in your tooth that is many years old, you should have it replaced with a composite tooth filling. Zoom whitening treatments take about an hour and include a special light that cures the teeth to make the process last a long time.

We can use dental veneers to straighten mildly crooked teeth. Some people find that whitening toothpastes are all they need to brighten their smile. If your dentist does not use sleep dentistry, give our office a call. You need to visit the dentist every six months for a checkup, no matter how old you are. Discomfort in your jaw may occur if you wear teeth bleaching trays for too long a time in one day.