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Sedation Dentistry

A great way to help prevent dental problems is to schedule dental checkups a minimum of two times a year, and, of course, brushing and flossing every day. When you choose a new dentist, choose one who has a lot of experience in the areas you know you need dental work. Clear aligner braces are the most popular type with teens and adults. If you have teeth in the front of your mouth that are ugly or stained, we can cover them with dental veneers to match your other teeth.

Rather than using a high speed drill, most dental patients prefer that we use air abrasion to remove cavities before filling them. Be sure to replace any missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent your other teeth and their roots from moving into the opening. When a dental laser is used for treatments, you will have less pain and less recovery time. You can get enamel veneers less expensive with us than anywhere else. If you have a spouse that is complaining about your bad breath, make an appointment at our dental office for a teeth cleaning.

If you fail to treat gingivitis it will turn into more serious periodontal diseases.