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Dentist Salary

We can use ceramic fillings if you prefer because they are more resistant to stains. Dental hygienists will need to use special instruments or even ultrasonic tools if you have plaque and calculus on your teeth. At home teeth cleaning kits you buy in the store are not as powerful as the ones you get from your dentist. Bite guards and mouth guards can be used to help TMJ problems and relieve the pain. If your dentist does not use sleep dentistry, give our office a call.

We offer a lifetime treatment plant to help you with dental emergency payments. Some dentists charge more for dental implants than our office, and we do a much better job for you. Sometimes as people age they tend to lose bone density and lose teeth as a result of it. Sealants work best when they are put on new teeth that have just come in. Coming to our office for a regular dental checkup may show that you have cavities or issues with gum disease.